Eagle One Ventures
About Our Company
Principal Owners of Eagle One

Eagle One Ventures is an Ottawa-based "mentor capital" firm that was created in 2000 by two high tech industry veterans – Conrad Lewis, the former CTO of Newbridge Networks, and Ken Wigglesworth, the former CFO of Newbridge Networks. The objective of Eagle One Ventures is to accelerate the success of technology companies. As a mentor capital firm, we advise and mentor companies, often taking a role on a company’s Board. Eagle One Ventures and its Principals have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in technology companies and have produced billions in exits.

Ken Wigglesworth currently sits on the Boards of and chairs the Audit Committees of two companies. Ken is also advising companies in technology and other industry segments, leveraging his experience as both an investor and an operator.

In 2006, Conrad Lewis founded a new company, eSight Corporation, to develop a new generation of intelligent glasses to correct and enhance vision. Conrad personally funded the company over three years to its initial working prototype.

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