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Conrad is a Founder and Principal of Eagle One Ventures Corporation. In 2006, Conrad founded a new company, eSight Corporation, to develop a new generation of intelligent glasses to correct and enhance vision. He personally funded the company over its first three years to working prototype.

Conrad’s investing experience includes seven years as a Partner with Newbury Ventures, a private equity firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and as a member of the Investment Review Board of Venture Coaches.



Conrad has more than 25 years of operating experience with Nortel, Mitel and Newbridge. An electrical engineer with 6 patents in digital communications, he has held senior positions in R&D and Product Management, and has been General Manager of several major product divisions. His most recent assignment at Newbridge was as Executive Vice President, Broadband Access and Network Management, where his primary task was to build a billion dollar business for the company in the "last mile." His main areas of focus were broadband wireless, DSL and passive optical networking.

Conrad also has extensive experience in creating and growing early stage companies as an operating executive, Board member and advisor. His careers at Mitel and Newbridge each spanned the range from early start-up to large, successful public company. In the case of Newbridge, he was a member of the four person executive team that drove the acquisition by Alcatel in May 2000 for over $8 billion. In addition, as CTO at Newbridge, he was an important player in the creation of 28 affiliated companies.

Prior to Newbridge, Mr. Lewis was Executive Vice President of Research and Development at Mitel Corporation, where he led the development of their original PBX product.

Conrad holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering at Queen's University and has completed a variety of post-graduate courses in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa.

On the business side, Conrad gets his greatest pleasure from working with aggressive and talented entrepreneurs. On the personal side, Conrad enjoys aggressive sports such as mountain biking, mogul skiing, slalom water skiing and competitive softball. He is married to Susan Acheson and lives in Ottawa, Ontario.




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