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Ken is a Founder and Principal of Eagle One Ventures Corporation. Ken currently serves on the Boards and chairs the Audit Committees of Rockport Networks Inc and Iogen Corporation. Since 2010, Ken has also been the CFO of the Ottawa-based Solace Corporation; the world leader in open data movement platforms. Over Ken’s career as an investor and an operator he has sat on 20 Boards and 17 Audit Committees (chairing 15 of them).

From 2001 to 2009 Ken was with Newbury Ventures, a private equity firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, most recently as a Senior Managing Director. Ken led the Newbury investment in a number of companies including Sandvine (listed on AIM and TSX), Liquid Computing, Meriton (acquired by Xtera), Spotwave Wireless (acquired by Kavveri), NewStep Networks (acquired by Natural Convergence), Abridean (acquired by nCipher), Laurel Networks (acquired by ECI) and Highwave Optical Technologies (listed on Euronext). Ken was also a member of the Investment Review Board of Venture Coaches, a seed fund focused on wireless and optical opportunities.


Prior to the formation of Eagle One, Ken spent 13 years at Newbridge Networks (now Alcatel) in various senior management roles. He was appointed Executive Vice President and CFO of Newbridge in 1996, and was instrumental in the successful $8 billion Alcatel/Newbridge merger. As a member of senior management throughout the history of Newbridge, Ken was a key decision maker who helped the company grow through the start-up phase to become a large, mature multi-national company. Throughout his career at Newbridge, he was involved in private financings, public offerings, liaising with financial analysts, institutions and funds throughout the world, and various operational issues and strategies. Ken was also a member of the Newbridge Investment Committee.
As CFO at Newbridge, Ken was a key player in the creation, incubation and financing of 28 start-up companies, including Tundra (a public company on the TSX), Crosskeys (acquired by Orchestream; previously public on the TSX and NASDAQ) and iMagic (a public company on the TSE and NASDAQ). In addition, he was actively involved with Cambrian (sold to Nortel), ACC (sold to Ericsson), Vienna (sold to Nokia), Sonoma Systems (sold to Nortel), Fastlane (sold to Quest Software), Abatis (sold to Redback), Pixstream (sold to Cisco), BNI (sold to Nortel), InSoft (sold to Netscape) as well as Newbridge's early investment in Juniper Networks (a public company on NASDAQ).

Ken earned his designation as a Chartered Accountant from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1987. He was born on Prince Edward Island and now lives in Ottawa with his wife and three daughters. He enjoys cottaging with his family in the summer. Ken was an original Founder and part owner of the Ottawa Senators hockey team, and has been a season ticket holder since 1992.




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